Bunderwood & Co.

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Bunderwood & Co. is our way of keeping our friends and family up to date with all the happenings around our emerging family.

We think blogs about babies are kind of weird, but then again it’s really nice to have one place where anyone who’s interested in Bunderwood can go to to find more than they probably want to know.

Bunderwood is due December 1st. No, that’s not the real name of our baby, but we don’t have a real name yet, and probably won’t until after the little guy gets squeezed out of his momma. Mica’s been at a couple of different jobs where “munderwood” was her email address (I’m “gunderwood”) and so, well, baby Underwood as “bunderwood” just sorta stuck.

See what I mean? More information than you probably want to know.