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We’re back!

March 25th, 2020 by Ronan Underwood


It’s been a while.

First, this post is written by Ronan. Because why not?

Also, a lot of stuff happened.

Okay, so here’s the deal:

We bought a houseboat. It’s really nice.

Byrne’s pretty. Like, really pretty.

I’m now homeschooling, and loving it.

That’s “Hoshi”, or Star in Japanese. The name of my homeschool is Hoshi Academy.

Speaking of which, I’m currently learning Japanese:

Like, learning Japanese hard.

(I started after a trip to Japan.)

I’m also coding and doing lots of generally computer-y things:

Oh yeah. We’re also selling the sky palace. And the cabin. Four properties is too many properties.

It’s a crazy world.

I don’t know much to say about Austin. That doesn’t mean there isn’t much to say about her, I just don’t know it. I don’t spend too much time peering into her social life ? (I’m an introvert through and through.) But we still have plenty of pictures:

What I do know about her is that she’s loving her friends, as always.

Which brings us to the uncanny present.

We’re currently all stuck at Byrne. I’ve been homeschooling for a while, so it’s not so bad for me. But with all of us, it can get a little tight.

Sorry, did I say all? Gentry’s currently in New York State, looking for possible homes.

Again, a crazy world.

The Coronavirus is sweeping the country. We’re locked at home. But what’s important now is to stay calm, to relax. Perhaps the slowed pace of life is a good thing. Why not enjoy the break from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowds?

Stay safe.


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