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May Days

May 14th, 2018 by mica

A report of happy kids this May afternoon.  Ronan, in his element, at Brightworks!


Lately, he’s been completely immersed in the study of governments, capitalism, communism and strategizing “better” ways to organize societies.  As much as I have loved his deep love for Chemistry, it has been wonderful to see him expand his interests and curiosity into new realms.  I can also contribute more when the topic of the conversation isn’t valence bonds:)
Below, he’s just received project approval for his idea to explore a new economic system for Mars and couldn’t be more excited!

Deep into project work
and creating a physical model
Austin continues to enjoy every aspect of her life in Sausalito.  New neighbors on the docks, the community at the New Village School, ample opportunities to find people to love and creative pursuits to dip into.  The last of the sun from the Maggie…
The chance to snuggle in Ronan’s bed with animals and books
And friends!
friends, friends!
Happy Monday to you all!

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