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Weekend Fun

April 4th, 2011 by mica
Thank goodness the sunshine has returned and that we still have the whale pool on hand.


After breakfast one morning Ronan went to work building this “apartment.” The symmetry of the design amazes me.


This past weekend was full of birthday party fun. Ronan looks forward to these parties, I think in large part due to the fact that he knows cake will be served. At the end of this party he informed me that the event was “good, except for the jam in the cake.” The little man prefers chocolate-chocolate and none of that funny fruit inside.

At this particular party, the “lizard lady” made a surprise appearance. You can see Ronan preparing his fingers to reach out and touch the animals.



Good thing my snake phobia is improving by the day. I guess exposure is the best cure:)



And our little Birdie, growing up so fast!


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